Wijnand van de Pol was born in Alkmaar (NL) in 1938. His musical studies include piano, organ, harpsichord, composition and conducting. Since 1957 he has been living in Italy where he graduated at the Rome Conservatory of Music "St.Cecilia" in 1962 after five years of studies with Fernando Germani. He followed masterclasses of Helmuth Rilling, Alan Curtis, Luigi F.Tagliavini and André Marchal. He teaches organ at the Conservatory of Music "F.Morlacchi" in Perugia. In Rome he has been organist and choirmaster of All Saint's Anglican Church since 1960. He is also Inspector of the Ministry of Culture and Art for the restoration and preservation of historic organs in Umbria. He is conductor of the Corale Amerina and is also part of the editorial staff of the Italian organ magazine "Arte Organaria & Organistica". He plays in "duo" with Gabriele Catalucci (2 organs, 2 harpsichords). He has given concerts in all countries of Europe and in North-America and Canada partecipating in various international festivals making various recordings . He teaches in various summer-courses and masterclasses both in Italy and abroad, and often is invited to be jurymember of international competitions. He is president of Associazione Ameria Umbra and of the Accademia Organistica Umbra , as well as artistic director for the organ concerts organized by the Ente Rocca di Spoleto.